Dinghy Cruising 2015 Trips About Us Logs (with photos!)

To share our love of sailing and the coastal environment, in 2014 we assembled a small fleet of classic cruising dinghies and a talented team of guides. Using experiential learning, we aim to teach all the essential aspects of responsible seamanship. Exploring emptier parts and boat camping with good people is to us about as sweet as it gets.

M&BX volunteers with the Westport Land Conservation Trust, and is a proud supporter of both local small businesses and the Boston Cyclists Union.

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Lu Yoder grew up sailing beetle cats on Cape Cod. Later, he owned and cruised aboard the Phil Bolger sailing canoe Dugong. He crewed on a variety of sailing vessels including classic wooden boats, a tall ship, and a 170 ton sail freighter. From 2006 to 2010 he was captain of the wooden schooner Valora. He has a 100 ton master's license with a sailing endorsement: USCG merchant marine license #000099569. In 2010 he sailed a 16' open canoe from Fort Lauderdale to Key West through the Florida Keys: "It is amazing to be in a place as crowded as the Florida Keys, to be able to hear the highway and the powerboats off in the distance, and yet to go weeks without seeing a single soul except the millions of birds who were my neighbors every morning."





To pursue a city kid's love of sailing and coastal fauna, as much inspired by books as firsthand experience, in 1999 Olaf Bertram-Nothnagel bought a Wayfarer dinghy and began sailing her on the Hudson. At the time he thought of Wapiti as a stepping stone to a larger boat necessitated by his limited resources, but in 2002 he made the first of many trips in her exploring the length of the south coast of New England, its morainic islands, secret gunkholes, tidal rips, and remote beaches. Though he has since helmed bigger craft, and sometimes managed to incorporate sailing into his civic activities (working on the historic environmental advocacy sloop Clearwater, and serving as head instructor of a free sailing program for NYC children), he's unwilling to give up the freedom, challenge, and elemental wonder that come with cruising in a simple, shoal draft, motor-free sailboat.





Kate Blofson aspired to become a pirate, and ended up as first mate aboard a classic wooden yacht. Subsequently she fell in love with a lapstrake wherry and a fourteen foot plank-on-frame cat boat, but the state of Massachusetts doesn't recognize three-way marriages yet. She can be found sailing a leeboard canoe in Lake Champlain when normal sailors are anchored abreast their woodstoves. Kate's background in community organizing and her calm countenance make her a natural expedition leader and instructor.








Hoku took her first dinghy cruise at the age of three months. At one year old she sailed a sinking 100 year old sloop from Maine to New York in horrible weather. She skipperkee'd the sloop in the Oyster Bay Spring Classic Yacht Series and took two thirds and a second out of five races. Not bad for an eleven pound dog! She hates swimming and loves eating dinner with the rest of the crew.




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"I had such a wonderful time." - Beth, Pennsylvania


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