2014 Trips Dinghy Cruising Logs (with photos!)


We love our customers. We want to go sailing with them, not make them read *legalese*. Nonetheless, here's our

Refund Policy

If you book a trip, and instead of sending you a confirmation email we inform you that we cannot accept the booking, despite having taken payment: you can either (1) use your payment for another booking, or (2) receive a full refund, in which case we will *eat* the Paypal fees mentioned below.

Otherwise, all bookings are fully refundable, except, because of costs we incur, as follows. Thank you for your understanding.

Unless a booking is made with a check via snail mail, refunds would be subject to our online payment processor Paypal's terms. Unfortunately they no longer refund their fees, so except as noted above, any refunds of online bookings would not include those fees, which as of this writing are 30ยข + 2.9% in the U.S.

Cancellation of a confirmed booking less than ten days before the trip's start would be subject to a 10% cancellation fee. This fee may be waived if the booking is rescheduled.

Cancellation of a confirmed booking less than two days before the trip's start would be subject an additional 25% late cancellation fee.

Cancellations after a trip's start would only be partially refunded (prorated for each not yet begun trip day less one day) after the above fees.

We don't cancel trips for rain. If we (M&BX) decide the forecast is so bad that we should not attempt to complete a trip, we'll offer a choice of (1) rescheduling the trip or affected portion for no charge, and (2) a refund or prorated refund subject only to Paypal's fees, if applicable.

That's all!

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